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Awards for the European Environmental and Arts Festival

The idea of prizes is:

  • It has been suggested that children and youths from East and Central Europe create and make gifts as prizes and awards which will be given to Scottish children, students of Cinematographic Universities, filmmakers from around the world and last but not least to ordinary but still notable people for their responsible attitude and moral contribution towards human society
  • Altogether it will be a part of cultural European integrity

            Awards are presented to:

Film festival

    a) Winning films
    b) Local and global organizations for their work in respect of environment and human rights and
    c) People for their moral contribution to human society

                    Category :

            I. Best Film
            II. Best Documentary film
            III. Best Ecology Film
            IV. Best Student Film
            V. Best Original Film
            VI. Polish awards statuette
            VII. Award of Karel Kryl
            VIII. Prize awarded by the festival organizer
            IX. The Viewer’s Prize
            X. Award of the town of Arbroath

     Prizes for festival 2007 made by children from Czech Republic :

Zlin - Malenovice           *           Brno

     * Prizes made by children in Zlin Malenovice from Czech Republic * 2006 *