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Otevři oči!

The festival Promotes the Recycling of newspapers, cardboard, plastics, cans and so on

22.April Earth Day
Photo is from Earth Day 2002 from
Czech Republic town Napajedla

       We appeal to all students arriving here from Eastern and Middle Europe,different professions and from different universities, and local citizens to be as kind as possible to the Earth, to environment and to recycling, however there are still some disappointed mistakes in it.
       Please, always when you buying something, thing about the waste and try to reduce it and to minimalist. If you produce waste, please try to recycling the most or all of it. Please try to buy in ecological way.
       We know exactly, that our time is very bad and there is global warming caused by people’s foolish, but we shouldn’t forget, that we have to move on and on and try our best.


Festival team

Recycling in Angus

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