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Do you know where all your garbage goes?

70 % of waste in Angus going to landfill
Decomposition Time
Rural Beach Award Monifieth Beach

10th July
for anybody who has time and wants to help the environment
Galaweek 2010

We promote recycling on cultural events
Zero Waste Plan
Scotland's Zero Waste Plan was launched on the 9th of June at the Edinburgh International Climbing Centre at Ratho. It sets out the Scottish Government's vision for a zero waste society, one where all types of waste are dealt with in a conscious, responsible and environmentally friendly way .....
The Dobromysl Foundation in Angus
wins Spring Clean photo competition

How to shut down a Shell petrol station... in style

On 15th May, protesters shut down the Islington Shell petrol station for five hours in a non-violent, 'party at the pumps'. Watch the video to find out more...
Hard to swallow - the real horror of plastic litter

View with caution - shocking footage of a herring gull gulping down a plastic bag thinking it's food
Resume of National Spring Clean 2010 at Angus

Sadly this year - the unfulfilled attempt to create the biggest and the most dynamic clean up in Angus . Neither people nor local organizations joined in!
Questionnaire on-line

Who is responsible for the litter pollution in Angus? You can Vote and share your opinion about this problem.

National Spring Clean 2010
Southesk Primary Schools

National Spring Clean is open !
Green Monitoring

This March Dobromysl Foundation carried out Green Monitoring and you can see what we have seen.
National Spring Clean 2010 at Angus

This year we hope create the biggest and the most dynamic clean up in Angus ever.
Let´s make this a bigger and better year

Don´t Forget - Show you care about climate change
Earth Hour

The Den Kirriemuir

Plant trees for the Peace
Cairnie Woodland

Plant trees for the Peace

Seafront and Gala Week 2009