Decomposition times


For banana peels, it's 2-10 days. Cotton: 1-5 months.

Cigarette butts: 1-10 years. Aluminum cans: 80-100 years.

Glass bottles: 1,000,000 years.


Garbage or trash is a major form of environment pollution these days. Each person produces about 4.3 pounds of trash a day.

Do you know where all your garbage goes?

Many types of garbage take hundreds of years to properly decompose when thrown away.


             Banana peel decomposes in 2 to 10 days.









Sugarcane waste takes 30 to 60 days for decomposition.



 Thread decomposes within 3 to 14 months.










 Cotton decomposes within a month to 5 months.


  Paper carry bags decompose in 2 to 5 months.












Rope takes 3 to 14 months for decomposition.

                              Orange peel decomposes within 6 months.











Cigarette takes a year to 12 years for decomposition.

Milk packet (Tetra) covers and cool drink packets decompose in 5 years.










     Leather shoes decompose in 25 to 40 years.


              Nylon clothes take 30 to 40 years for decomposition.










Aluminum cans decompose in 80 to 100 years.

Plastic carry bags decompose in 15 to 1000 years.













Sanitary napkins and children’s diapers take 500 to 800 years for decomposition.










 Glass bottles decompose in 1,000,000 years.


Plastic bottles and cans never decompose.










About 90% of the contents of our bins could be reused or recycled.


Think twice before throwing the trash into dustbin. You can reduce the use of some items, can reuse some of them like paper and cardboard and take some of them (cans, plastic, bottles etc) to recycle bin.