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Our beaches are being overwhelmed with plastic litter. Not only do plastic bags swirling around in the breeze or wedged between rocks look horrible, they are also a massive threat to the safety of our wildlife - and here's the evidence.

Terry Jones from Brixham in Devon shot this footage whilst filming something else in the town. He was in an elevated postion and was unable to go the herring gull's resuce - but the reality of what was unfolding before his eyes meant he kept his camera on.

If anyone thought that plastic was not an issue for our coastal wildlife then this film will surely change their minds.

What can you do to turn the tide on plastic litter on our beaches?

You can sign the MCS petition to encourage UK and devolved governments to publish marine litter action plans by December 2011.

You sign up to the MCS Beachwatch Big Weekend in September and help thousands of other volunteers clean up our beaches

Help your town or community go plastic bag free and ditch the plastic bag for good!

We've made a information pack.pdf to make it easy for you to go Plastic Bag Free.