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Feeding Scotland Responsibly in a Changing World

Worldwide, 1 billion people don't have enough to eat. Many of these people live in countries where food is being exported to Scotland and other rich countries. While some of this produce is fairly traded with small-scale farmers who control the means of production, most of the global food system is controlled by a handful of global food companies and is geared towards profit rather than feeding people well.
Please support our ‘GM NO!’

Last month, scientists began growing genetically modified potatoes in Norfolk. The Government appears to think this represents the future for food and farming. Powerful forces are trying to persuade the public that there is no alternative to GM crops if we are to feed the world’s population in the future.

Please support our ‘GM NO!’ campaign and help us build a sustainable, organic food future for us all.
The Dobromysl Foundation in Angus
wins Spring Clean photo competition

Volunteering for a Greener Angus Conference

Meadowbank Inn, Montrose Road, Arbroath
Wednesday 3rd March 2010, 10.00am - 2.00pm

11 th November 2009, UNVEILING OF THE MEMORIAL

to Czechoslovak slodiers who, during World War 2, trained as SOE Agents in Scotalnd
Unveiling Ceremony was in Arisaig Waterfront

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Plant tree for the peace 2009

The Den Kirriemuir           Cairnie Woodland

Memorial Exibition

On 10 June 1942 the village of Lidice was burned to the ground as a warning to Czechoslovak resistance – men were murdered; women and children were dragged to concentration camps; the youngest ones were sent for re-education to the Reich.

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